Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shuster Statement on Healthcare Vote

Shuster voted NO:

Congressman Bill Shuster released the following statement this evening after the House narrowly passed Speaker Pelosi’s plan for a government takeover of health care; legislation that will raise taxes, increase our national debt and put government bureaucrats between patients and their doctors:

“Tonight, House Democrats forced through sweeping healthcare legislation that will forever change the relationship between patients and their doctors and the American people and their government.

I am not alone in my strong opinions against this legislation. Tonight’s vote speaks for itself. 39 Democrats voted against Speaker Pelosi’s healthcare takeover in a show of bipartisan opposition.

At over 2,000 pages of red tape and mandates, Speaker Pelosi’s plan will impose a massive government takeover of one sixth of our economy. It will kill jobs, increase the deficit and drown future generations in stifling debt.

Most important, this healthcare reform plan will limit choice in health decisions by putting government in the way between you and your doctor. Over one hundred new boards, commissions and bureaucracies will be created to interfere in the care and treatments you receive. Americans not wishing to take part in the government plan could face financial penalties and even jail time.

The American people know that we need healthcare reform, and I agree with them, but this is not the way to do it. Limiting choice and giving government the power to control the health decisions of the American people will not improve care.”

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