Friday, October 30, 2009

Shuster Statement on Speaker Pelosi's Latest Healthcare Plan

“After weeks of meeting behind closed doors, House Democrat leaders today unveiled their most recent in a line of health care plans. This new plan is the product of months of secret negotiations and backroom deals. This plan was concocted without the transparency promised by President Obama or any Republican input.

Undoubtedly, the Democrats’ Pelosi Health Care Bill includes the same heavy handed government takeover of health care that will raise health care costs, add to our national debt, hurt seniors, small businesses and force families out of their current coverage.

Every American should have access to affordable, quality health care. Health care reform should include a more open health care market place creating competition and choice; reform that allows patients to be cared for by the doctor of their choice; and meaningful medical malpractice reform. These reforms can be implemented quickly, and have the greatest impact on driving down the cost of health care. These are common sense reforms which have bipartisan support, but the Pelosi Health Care bill contains none of these.

I believe we can accomplish this and fix what is broken in our health care system while keeping what works, and without forcing a nearly trillion dollar government takeover of nearly a sixth of our economy.”

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