Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shuster Floor Speech on Healthcare Reform

Today, Congressman Shuster delivered a one minute speech on the House floor to talk about the dangers the Democrats' healthcare reform plans pose to our nation's seniors. The text of Shuster's speech follows:

Mr. Speaker,

Healthcare reform should empower all Americans to choose a health care plan that offers them choice and affordability.

However, the Democrat plan will only lead to higher taxes, cuts in benefits, and a government takeover of seniors health care.

For seniors on fixed incomes, the prospect of being forced to pay more for healthcare could become a frightening reality.

The Democrat plan would raise Medicare prescription drug premiums by 20 percent over the next decade and deny seniors the choice of keeping their current coverage.

The Democrat plan includes $163 billion in cuts to Medicare Advantage. Up to 38,000 seniors in my district would be directly affected by these cuts.

Nothing should ever come between seniors and their doctors, yet that is exactly what the Democrats bill does.

The American people and our nations seniors deserve better than this reckless rush to reform.

I yield back the balance of my time.

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