Tuesday, October 27, 2009

House Democrats Philosophize While Unemployment Nears 10 Percent

Instead of dealing with high unemployment and a stifling debt, House Democrats have packed the House schedule with “filler” legislation including a bill to mark the birthday of the Chinese philosopher Confucius (H.Res.784).

“As unemployment hovers at 8.8 percent in Pennsylvania and inches closer to double digits nation-wide, House Democrats seem more comfortable celebrating the birth of Confucius than addressing our economic troubles,” Shuster said.

“Close to 3 million jobs have been lost since Democrats passed a stimulus bill that they promised would grow the economy and halt unemployment. Over the course of one year, our national debt load has grown by $1.42 trillion. These are unsustainable numbers that must be reversed by adopting policies that encourage private enterprise to grow, not the federal government.”

House Republicans are ready to do some serious work on the issues that matter to my constituents in Pennsylvania and Americans coast to coast,” Shuster added. “I, along with my Republican colleagues are ready for the debate. Will the Democrats listen?”

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