Thursday, April 2, 2009

Shuster's statement on the Democrats' Reckless Budget

“In times of economic stress, families throughout the 9th district do what families do everywhere. They look for ways to save money, cut expenses and do more with less. We should expect nothing less from our government. The Democrats in control of Congress aren’t listening. Their budget taxes, spends, and borrows too much and in the process, mortgages our children’s futures for a growing activist government.

The Democrats’ budget will spend $4 trillion this year alone and triple our debt in ten years. Every American household will be burdened with $46,533 of debt that our grandchildren will shoulder. To pay for it all, the Democrats’ budget contains $1.5 trillion in tax increases that will leave no American family untouched. This includes a national energy tax that will cost the average Pennsylvania family an additional $3,100 a year just to turn the lights on in their home.

I am proud to have supported the Republican alternative that offered a new way forward for America instead of continued reckless spending and creeping government control of our economy.

The Republican budget embraces the principles that made America great; personal liberty, economic freedom and entrepreneurship. It would freeze spending, produce a deficit $3.6 trillion lower than the Democrat’s budget and cut taxes.”

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