Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cantor's remarks after GOP Conference meeting

GOP Conference chairman Eric Cantor spoke to the press after Wednesday's Conference meeting. In this clip he talks about the need for Republicans and Democrats to work together to produce real solutions for America's challenges.

Rep. Eric Cantor: “As we near the end of the first 100 days of this administration, I think we can also reflect back and see that the era of bipartisanship we’d hoped for could probably be improved upon, and I believe that’s how we’ve come back from the Easter Recess, to say to the President that we do want to work together, that we can actually unite. Washington should be more thoughtful about trying to deliver for the American people.

“Just the other day, the President announced that he was going to ask his cabinet secretaries to cut $100 million out of their budgets collectively. Now, any amount of savings is commendable, but I think that we can do better. There is an enormous amount of opportunity for us to work together to actually produce some real savings for the American people. I would just ask this: ‘Mr. President, we want to work with you. The people are watching. We have an opportunity to really deliver on change to save some real money for the American people.’”

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