Thursday, April 2, 2009

*UPDATED* Shuster on Fox Business

Today, Congressman Shuster appeared on Fox Business to talk about the Democrats' budget and the Republican budget alternative.


Cheryl Casone: I want to bring in congressman Bill Shuster from Pennsylvania. Hope you heard the report out of D.C. but first your comment on the budget battle that's happening in D.C. Today.

Shuster: This budget the President has proposed that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have embraced just taxes too much, it spends too much and it borrows too much. We've got to get to reality here. The way out of this recession we're in is not by run away spending. History bears that out. In the '60s president Kennedy cut taxes and got out of a recession. In the '80s, President Reagan. And in the early 2000's, George Bush.

Tom Sullivan: I don't know there's much of a battle going on unless you can get some people with d's behind their names to join you. Are you getting anybody?

Shuster: I don't believe anybody that I've heard of or very few. The Blue Dogs who while we were in the majority would stand up on the House floor night after night talking about being fiscally responsible and yet most of those Blue Dogs are gonna vote for this run away spending budget that's going to add trillions to our grand children's futures that they have to pay back.

Cheryl Casone: This is kind of politics as usual it seems. If the budget does go forward as is to the president's desk, what is the next thing that we can do. Maybe to find bipartisanship in washington?

Shuster: I think we've gone to the president. We've talked to the Democratic leadership. They wanna increase government spending. They have a thirst for government spending. They believe, their principles of their party, i believe and they believe is that Washington, the federal government can do better. Huge increases in education. There's nobody in America that doesn't support funding education but it shouldn't be done at the federal level. It should be done back home in the local school districts and state government. That's where we should increase and find the money to spend on education, not in washington. Because we are going to get a one-size fits all solution and it's going to be what's good for Pennsylvania is good for Idaho and what's good for Vermont and that's not the case. That's what happens when you have all this spending and it's being directed here in

Gregg Jarett: Congressman, you Republicans were ripped by the Democrats because you didn't come up with an alternative budget. Now that you have and Democrats likely haven't even read it they're ripping you for what's in it. How frustrating is it to be a Republican on Capitol Hill during this budget process or for that matter any legislation?

Shuster: It is frustrating. They have the votes. At the make the schedule, determine what the rules are and what the agenda is. You're right, they are ripping us but we've come forward over every major issue in the last two years. Our budget spends less money, makes the tax cuts we passed into law in 2001 and 2003. It makes them permanent. I think that's what the American people want. They want to get federal government responsible and making sure they keep more of their hard-earn dollars and not send us down a rat hole in many cases. It expires in another year.

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