Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shuster visits JLG in McConnellsburg

Yesterday, Congressman Shuster visited JLG's plant in McConnellsburg to see how the firm is progressing in building MATV all-terrain vehicles for our troops in Afghanistan.

Last month, JLG’s parent company Oshkosh was awarded a billion dollar contract to produce and deliver 2,244 M-ATVs to our forces in Afghanistan. JLG will also benefit from a second order announced earlier this month for 1,700 additional M-ATVs valued at $1.06 billion.

The M-ATV is a more maneuverable, off road version of the highly successful IED resistant MRAP. The production of these vehicles will enable JLG to call back between 550 and 650 employees to fill the DOD’s order.

Shuster's tour of the JLG plant coincides with his recent trip to Afghanistan to review our strategy against the Taliban. Shuster met with high-level Afghani officials as well as the U.S. commander, General Stanley McChrystal.

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