Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Government run healthcare could cover abortion

Breaking story on Drudge via Yahoo News: "Gov't insurance would allow coverage for abortions."

This is a must read and another reason why the American people are rejecting the plan offered by the Democrats. We must have healthcare reform. No one disagrees with that fact. However, the path to reform Congress chooses must not include taxpayer funded abortion.


  1. Good to hear that this never wanted, but sometimes needed health issue may soon be covered by government insurance policies. While I never want this option as a first, or even second option, it is indeed something that often is needed to save the life of the mother. Let's take this issue and place it where it belongs, something that should be avoided when possible, but covered when necessary.

  2. I have been in the health-care industry for 37 years. I have never in that time known of a case where a baby in the womb had to be killed to save the life of the mother. If there was a threat, the OB-GYN would perform a C-section. Can you give me an example of when baby-killing would be the solution to save the life of the mother? Abortion is not about saving life, it is about taking life and the power of the people to take it.