Friday, July 17, 2009

UPDATED: Congressman Shuster on Missile Defense

Congressman Shuster is today's guest blogger on the Heritage Foundation's policy blog, The Foundry. In his post, Shuster defends American missile defense programs and argues that Congress, not the President, has the Constitutional power to fund our national security systems, which include our active defenses against a ballistic missile attack.

The Obama Administration's defense budget for FY2010 cut missile defense by $1.4 billion. Shuster and his fellow Republicans on the Armed Services Committee attempted to restore funding for missile defense during the mark-up of the National Defense Authorization Act last month, but were defeated by party-line votes.

Here is Congressman Shuster speaking about missile defense during that mark-up:

10:40am: Shuster's blog post at Heritage has also been cross-posted on The Hill's Congress Blog here

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