Thursday, June 4, 2009

Put our troops ahead of the global bailout

What's more important, funding our troops in harms way in Iraq and Afghanistan or spending $108 billion in global bailouts to questionable regimes through the International Monetary Fund?

The answer is simple - the troops of course! But for some in Congress that answer is harder to come by.

Right now, a supplemental war funding bill is being held hostage by Democratic leaders in the House until they can get enough votes to attach $108 billion in international aid funding to the bill.

Amazingly many of the regimes that would receive this money don’t like us much and some of the regimes that receive IMF money may actually be funding the very same groups fighting our soldiers.

This point isn't lost on Democratic Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA). In a letter to his colleagues earlier today, Rep. Sherman warned, “We face the very real possibility that some of the world’s worst regimes will benefit from the additional resources provided to the IMF, World Bank and other international institutions, unless the U.S. works vigilantly to deny this assistance.”

An initial supplemental troop funding bill passed the House last month by an overwhelming bipartisan majority. The vote was 368-60. The final version of that legislation could pass the House at any minute. In fact, up until today, votes were scheduled tomorrow to pass a troop funding bill - that is until the IMF issue got in the way, according to Roll Call.

The Democrats shouldn't use the troop funding bill as a Trojan Horse to fund their global bailout, especially when the bailout is being funded by hard working American taxpayers whose heads are already spinning from a trillion dollar domestic stimulus that has yet to do anything to improve our economy.

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  1. Dear SENATOR...I live in Somerset, county could you please find out 'how many Military men and women, have given their ALL' since Obama became President? The MSM doesn't seem to want to publish this since GWB was our Leader and President, they seemed to take pleasure in publishing the numbers then, I wonder why??????
    I am a daughter of a veteran,
    I am a sister of a veteran,
    I am a wife of a veteran.
    and a Proud American of our Military...each and every one..