Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Daily Truth about the Democrats’ Cap and Tax Proposal

The Federal Government Wants to Tell You How to Build Your House

What the bill does: The House-passed bill establishes a national building code for commercial and residential buildings, requiring a 30 percent reduction in energy use immediately after passage and an additional 50 percent reduction in energy use by 2014 for residential buildings and 2015 for commercial buildings (Bill as report Sec. 201, p. 297).

What this means for consumers: Bureaucrats in Washington D.C. will tell you how to build your house. This will also create a whole new bureaucracy in Washington and more intrusion into the lives of Americans.

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  1. It's maddening and reminds me of Taxation without Representation when you realize that they voted without reading it!! Or at least giving the American people the opportunity to read it.

    If this passes in the Senate we are doomed. My advice to everyone is to get out of as much debt as possible and start putting one's cash into things that will retain value.