Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tribune Democrat gives thumbs up to Shuster's online newsletter

The following editorial ran in yesterday’s Tribune Democrat. We appreciate the Tribune Democrat taking time to look into the congressman's online newsletter. The newsletter, combined with this blog, our Twitter account and the congressman's YouTube Channel offer new ways for Congressman Shuster to reach out and communicate with his constituents. Best of all, these tools offer a degree of interactivity that wasn't available only a few short years ago. I hope after reading this article, you'll visit the website and subscribe for our monthly electronic newsletter.

Online e-newsletter keeps voters informed

The Tribune-Democrat

We commend U.S. Reps. John Murtha and Bill Shuster and their staffs for getting the congressmen’s online e-newsletters up and running.

It’s an excellent way for government officials to keep in touch with constituents; to tell them what the official is doing, what his or her peers are focusing on and to learn from the taxpayers what they consider top issues and concerns.

After all, that’s what government should be about – working for the people.

In an e-mail introducing his e-newsletter, Shuster said, “Do you ever wonder what really goes on in Washington? You often hear 30-second sound bites on the evening news or read articles in your local paper. However, with limited resources, and limited space, the papers and the TV shows can’t bring you all the news from Washington, D.C.

“As your representative in Congress, I believe it is an important part of my job to keep you informed on the things I’m doing in Washington to represent you. That is why I have created an e-newsletter to keep you posted on what’s happening in the halls of Congress.

“This periodic update will let you know about my top legislative priorities such as cutting wasteful government spending, creating jobs and upholding our shared Pennsylvania values. From time to time, I will send out information on legislation and upcoming events in the District. I hope that you will choose to receive my e-newsletter.”

He concluded: “I have always said that the best ideas don’t come from Washington, D.C. – they come from people back home who live in the real world and face daily challenges in raising a family and earning a living. ...”

He’s so right. We encourage people to go to Shuster’s Web site,, and sign up for the updates.

Meanwhile, Murtha staff spokesman Matthew Mazonkey announced on Wednesday the first edition of Murtha’s Corner. He said the electronic publication would come out quarterly.

Murtha’s Web site is

We hope our state representatives are considering similar undertakings, if they haven’t already.

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