Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shuster's statement on the President's budget outline

Earlier today, Congressman Shuster released the following statement to the press regarding the President's budget:

“President Obama’s budget will land in the eager hands of Democrat congressional leaders who have already spent $2 trillion dollars in over the course of a month. While President Obama continues to sell the notion of fiscal responsibility to the American people, his budget outline is a poor example of practicing what he preaches.

President Obama’s budget increases spending to levels not seen in America since the Second World War and he will tax you to fund it to the tune of $1.4 trillion over 10 short years. Don’t listen to the President’s ‘tax the rich’ slogans. This budget will raise taxes on small businesses and their employees, retirees, charitable organizations, anyone with a pension or a 401k, farmers, factory workers and anyone who flips a light switch or heats their home with electricity.

Raising taxes in a recession is a disastrous proposition. I fail to see how we will help homeowners by eliminating the mortgage interest tax deduction or help our neighbors in need by scrapping the charitable giving tax deduction. These tax increases, coupled with hikes to taxes on small business owners, pensioners, and middle class families only push economic recovery further away.

Finally, America cannot afford the record level of debt this budget will create. We are passing a huge burden onto our grandchildren that they may not be able to pay. It’s time to stop passing the buck and start rolling back the expansion of big government now.”

Posted by: Press Secretary

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