Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shuster’s Remarks On President Obama’s Speech

Congressman Shuster released the following statement before the President's speech this evening:

“We are facing tough times and the American people are looking to President Obama and Congress for clear leadership to move our nation forward. My Republican colleagues and I are ready and willing to work with President Obama on this historic challenge. I believe the President knows this and I will be listening closely to what he will say.

I also hope that Congressional Democrats will listen as closely as I will tonight. If the recent stimulus debate is any indication, Congressional Democrats seem willing to pay lip service to the President and then squander his good will to pursue their own narrow liberal agenda.

While Republicans are willing to work with the President, there are certain principles we will not abandon for the sake of political expediency. First among these principles is the idea that government should not spend money we simply do not have. The recent economic stimulus bill passed by the House is a prime example of the failed notion that we can spend ourselves into prosperity.

Nor can we mortgage our future on the backs of working families and small businesses. They should not be conscripted to pay for reckless government spending. Congress cannot pour sand in the gas tank of America’s economic engine. Increasing taxes on America’s job creators and working families is not the path to prosperity."

Finally, the Republican Party will continue offering commonsense solutions to our nation’s challenges. We will fight for smaller, more accountable government. I will continue to work with my Republican colleagues to first right the ship of government and then set it on a course that benefits all Americans.”

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