Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shuster statement on the National Defense Authorization Act for FY2011

Here is Congressman Shuster's statement on the Armed Services Committee's successful mark of the Nation Defense Authorization Act for FY2011:

“I believe the committee has produced an NDAA that upholds Congress’ commitment to support our nation’s warfighters. Specifically, I am pleased the committee supported amendments to provide our troops in Afghanistan with additional life saving combat enablers and the tools our troops need to protect forward operating bases from attack. I am equally pleased that the committee has continued its support for military families with a 1.9 percent basic pay raise.

“That said, I do believe it is equally important to mention that the committee missed an opportunity to take a strong stance against changes to detainee policy and the Administration’s troubling revisions to our national nuclear posture. Lastly, I believe the committee could have done more to ensure the deployment of a robust comprehensive missile defense system, which is critical to the protection of our interests at home and abroad as we face emerging nuclear threats from Iran and North Korea.”

More statements from Republican members of the committee can be found on their website.

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