Monday, April 26, 2010

Shuster meets students from Marion Center High School

Congressman Shuster meets Honors Government students from Marion Center High School. These students recently won the "We the People" Constitution Competition for Pennsylvania This is the first championship for Marion Center in the history of the school's participation in the competition. To mark their effort, Congressman Shuster entered the following extension of remarks into the Congressional Record:

Rep. Bill Shuster

Extension of Remarks

April 15, 2010

Madam Speaker, I rise today to recognize the accomplishments of the Honors Government class of Marion Center High School, which took first place at the “We the People” Pennsylvania state competition at Valley Forge.

The “We the People” competition measures students’ knowledge and understanding of the Constitution, and Marion Center’s Honors Government class proved well-acquainted with our principles of government. The following students: Emilie Borst, Tori Buzzelli, Toni Corosu, Alycia Frampton, Jed Gallo, Cody Miller, Brandon Snickles, Nick Stanisha, Jozzie Stuchell and Sarah Wolfe have all demonstrated their thorough understanding of the supreme law of our land. These young men and women, as well as their teacher Chris Peters, should be commended on this impressive accomplishment.

Preserving our nation’s unique character requires an understanding of our Constitution that these students have so ably displayed. Their dedication to this important responsibility of citizenship is outstanding. I congratulate Marion Center High School’s Honors Government class on its feat of civic knowledge and academic excellence, and I trust that these promising young citizens will continue to excel in their endeavors.

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