Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The American People Deserve an Up or Down Vote on Health Care

Shuster Cosponsors Bill to Stop the “Slaughter Solution”

Today, Congressman Shuster signed on as an original cosponsor of a resolution that will require an actual up or down vote in the House on the Senate health care bill.

If passed this resolution, originally introduced by Congressman Parker Griffith of Alabama, would prevent Speaker Pelosi from implementing the “Slaughter Solution;” a highly controversial parliamentary trick that would effectively pass the health care bill without actually voting on it:

“Process matters,” Shuster said. “The American people were outraged when the Democrats passed the stimulus without reading it and they are doubly angry today that Speaker Pelosi is endorsing a scheme to pass healthcare without the basic requirement of an up or down vote.”

“A recorded vote on this health care bill will be the kiss of death for many Democrats and Speaker Pelosi knows it,” Shuster added. “Why else would they concoct the ‘Slaughter Solution’ to hide from their constituents?”

“House Republicans will join with the American people to demand accountability from their Congress. It starts with an up or down vote on health care.”

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