Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shuster statement on the Stimulus' 1 year anniversary

One Year Stimulus Anniversary:
365 Days and $862 Billion Later, No Results for the American People

“It’s been a year since the Democrats in Congress passed President Obama’s stimulus into law and we continue to see double digit unemployment, housing foreclosures, and a sluggish economy.

The President and congressional Democrats squandered an opportunity for a targeted stimulus program that should have been focused around a mixture of tax cuts and infrastructure investments. What the American people got instead was a near trillion dollar grab-bag of big government social spending and pet projects from the political left.

Taxpayers at home and across the nation are tired of the excuses coming from Washington and the massive debt that has been laid at their feet by the stimulus. Unspent stimulus funds should be returned to the Treasury to pay down the debt.”

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