Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Morning Must Reads

Congressman Shuster announces Fulton County office hours for Friday. The Chambersburg Public Opinion.

Construction on the Martin's Mill Bridge in Antrim Township, Franklin County is moving forward. The Herald-Mail.

$787 Billion Dollars Later … Stimulus Report Acknowledges It Is Impossible To Know What Might Have Happened Without Stimulus. The report acknowledged the difficulty of accurately gauging the stimulus program’s economic impact when it is impossible to know what would have happened without such action. The New York Times

The Stimulus Has Failed To Create An Environment That Promotes Job Creation. Even with the stimulus, the U.S. economy lost more than 4 million jobs last year, including 85,000 in December, according to the Labor Department. And the unemployment rate last month was 10% -- a figure that is widely expected to inch higher in the months ahead. … Even so, employers have been reluctant to create jobs. And economists widely expect GDP growth to slow this year… The Los Angeles Times

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